P W A | Think-Tank

Pwahr! “That is a really good idea!”

Pwahr is a design ideas think-tank and research studio exploring the realms and possibilities of the built environment. Working in parallel with our residential design studio, we undertake larger scale urban research to identify where and how design and planning can contribute public engagement and the city’s health.

Through this lens, we are revisiting  and re-imagining our previous urban design ideas as a catalyst for exploring possible design solutions to suit today’s changing agenda.

Overtime, Sydney’s urban grain has been formed by a triumvirate of local, state and federal levels of government. We believe it is important to find consensus where opposing lobby groups may see only black and white. We are apolitical and unaligned. We have the ability to recognise patterns where there appears to be chaos, and thereby want to identify solutions to what seem to be intractable problems. Often, the answer may be complex, but we believe through effective storytelling, we can convey the essence to a difficult solution.

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