Paris Affordable Housing Challenge

Paris Affordable Housing Challenge 2019

City Building Community Blocks


     More than a nested mass of budget “social housing” with compromised amenities, AFFORDABLE HOUSING is achieved over a longer time frame. Affordability should be a holistic, cradle to cradle approach. One that is considerate of the costs of construction, maintenance, access and location. Compromise is not the answer.  Shared resources, sustainable design and strategic location will reduce running costs, and lessen a need for transport.  The result will be equitable housing for all residents.

     Less than 30 minutes by bicycle to central Paris, and major universities, is the commune of Champigny. The accessible precinct is separated by the Marne river, but connected via the Bois de Vincennes park to inner city suburbs. Its new rail interchange, currently under construction, will help to reactivate this historic town centre. Affordable housing here can take advantage of its improved connectivity, and further develop this suburb into a town centre for local residents. On a broader scale, existing freight lines can be activated to form new nodal transport junctions. Together with buses, trams and bike routes, the commune will become highly accessible. Combined with low maintenance affordable properties, it will appeal to residents who aim to settle down for the long run.

     Advances in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) brings a sustainable alternative to modern construction, creating transportable building units. Each module can be factory made, assembled from flat packs near the site ready to be installed. This dramatically reduces build time, on site costs and pollution. Additional variations, such as prefabricated balcony towers and facades can be attached. Likewise, lift and stairwell circulation cores can be inserted as bracing in-between various pods.

Congratulations to all entries that were shortlisted! To find all shortlisted submissions head to the Bee Breeder’s website.