Mosman Modern Mansion

Mosman Modern Mansion

a steep Mosman site gives rise to a multi-level entertainer & family retreat for contemporary luxury living

Stefan came to us with the desire to create a luxury home for his family that would double as a sophisticated entertainer for his friends and clients. Thus there was a need for both grand entertainment spaces and private retreats for the family to gather in or individually retire to.

The dramatic landscape naturally suggested that the house be spread over several levels. This worked perfectly with the various tiers of the brief itself – to have a stylish & modern entertainment space, a family gathering space, and private areas to escape to. The double garage rounded out the lowest level of the brief and site.

The multi-level nature of this home called for the inclusion of a domestic lift. The challenge of inserting this considerable-sized mechanical object in such as way as to minimise costly rock excavation meant that it was located near the front of the house, on the north-west corner. Via a continuation of each level’s cladding system around the lift its presence is disguised.

The lift takes you up through four levels of the house, the top being the entertainment quarter. The generous space opens to the west on to a large balcony, capitalizing on the stunning views of Mosman marina and Mosman Bay. At the eastern end, a swimming pool is positioned between the house and the sandstone outcrop at the rear of the property, the southern end of the pool flowing over the infinity edge and appearing to fall away to the neighbouring property down-hill.

The top floor was designed to feel like a light-weight pavilion; a Rheinzink clad steel roof structure has its lowest point on the western end then soars to its peak at the north-east corner, capturing northern sun into living areas. Full height glazing serves to blur the transition between inside and outside.

As a new house, the project needed to comply with sustainability requirements under BASIX. One of the biggest challenges this posed was ensuring that the house, with its primary views and most substantially glazed facades located to the south-west, did not suffer from too much heat gain or loss. A number of strategies were employed, two of which were deep overhangs and timber louver screens. These were carefully incorporated into the design so as not to feel like tacked-on green strategies.

The home is enjoyed as a luxurious contemporary living space, welcoming guests into generous entertainment areas or relaxing  private retreats.