Mosman Semi: DA Lodged

Mosman Semi: DA Lodged

Jan 28, 2022



  • Overall view from the back



Our clients have acquired a new property to enjoy their new found freedom as empty nesters. Both working, but looking forward to retirement in the near future, they chose this as their perfect location. Envisaging a slower paced lifestyle, spending more time enjoying local beaches and entertaining family and old friends that they haven’t been able to see as much as they would like.


The steeply sloping site poses a major design challenge, requiring sensible circulation connecting living spaces with the ocean view at the top and relaxation areas in the gardens below. Not to mention physical effort needed to carry groceries from the rear lane basement garage to the Kitchen Living Dining two floors up. 


The goal is to create a house that deals with these difficulties with ease. A comfortable family home that is small enough to look after and big enough to accommodate both visiting adult children and grandchildren.