Glebe Terrace Auction: Sold

Glebe Terrace Auction: Sold

August 13, 2020


“We have been impressed by the structural attention to detail and expect that we will be very grateful of those efforts over the coming decades living in our new home. We’ve also been thrilled with the temperate climate created within the home, particularly in the living area where we will likely spend the majority of our time.

Thank you to PWA for their wonderful work that we will now benefit from.”  – from the New Owner, Kate



While it is always sad to see our clients move out, it is wonderful to know that our Glebe Terrace project was successfully sold at auction for almost $2.5 million. This small terrace has increased by almost $1.5 million since our clients bought it 10 years ago.

For such a seemingly simple project, this house required a great deal of surgical reconstruction. To squeeze an extra level into the original built fabric, the footings required careful underpinning for repair and restoration. Meticulous sequencing of construction was also necessary to balance the conserved heritage fabric while foundations were put in place. All new work had to adapt to the complete absence of right angles and correct any precarious construction in the original house and neighbouring parti walls.

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