Centennial Park Granny Flat: Garden Sanctuary Update

Centennial Park Granny Flat & Garden Sanctuary: Garden Update

We are very excited that the Centennial Park studio and garden sanctuary is progressing smoothly.

The existing site suffers from a dramatically sloping rear yard, which is both physically and visually detached from the main dwelling. With reference to the garden suburb movement of Centennial Park our proposal uses stepped garden terraces that follows the natural rise in ground level of the site.

Through a series of comfortable steps, deep garden beds and seating, a terracing effect is created, allowing the existing principle dwelling to achieve a more integrated connection to the yard. It has also allowed the new studio to maintain an intimate upper garden terrace that is strategically screened by native planting. While both the upper and lower garden maintain a sense of privacy, the varying volumes plant heights of planting allows both dwellings to take full advantage of view sharing principles.

By drawing the colour scheme of the new dwelling from the native planting proposed, the new studio recedes into the background of the garden, reducing its visual impact from the existing dwelling.

Centennial Park Granny Flat & Garden Sanctuary: DA Approved

Feb 18 2016 | Archive |
  • Centennial Park Granny Flat & Garden: View from the main house

Our Development Application for our new Centennial Park Garden Sanctuary is well underway.

While the existing site suffers from a sense of detachment between the main house and the dramatically sloping yard, the proposal offers inviting outdoor spaces, which draws the occupants out into the landscape. This is achieved through a series of comfortable steps, low seat walls and deep garden beds, which create a terraced effect through the site.

The new garden studio merges seamlessly with the terraced nature of the landscape and blends into the background. Acting as a secondary dwelling, it encompasses generous living, eating and living spaces, without competing with the typical grand Federation style of the main house. Its presence on the adjoining lane is minimal and discretely fits into the heritage context of Centennial Park. A sense of privacy in the garden is maintained through an intimate upper garden terrace which is discreetly screened by native planting.